Children's Ministries

Loving parents want the best for their children. Providing opportunities for spiritual development is perhaps the greatest gift you can offer a child. Even in Jesus' time on earth, parents were bringing their children to him so that he might bless them. Jesus not only encouraged the children to come, but held them up as an example for adults to follow.

So as you help your child grow in faith, you may find your own spirit touched as well. Sunday school for all ages is held at 9:30 am. Vacation Bible School is offered in the summer. Other events and activities for children are scheduled throughout the year. Helping your children understand the love of God will be a blessing for them throughout their lifetimes - and beyond.   

Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF)

What is MYF?

MYF is a gathering of our youth where we learn about Christ, how to be more Christ like, How to use the scripture in our daily lives, and participate in fellowship.   

Who is MYF?

  Students in grades 3 - 12 are broken down into three groups:  Grades 3 - 5, grades 6 - 8, and grades 9 - 12. Let us call them Juniors, Middle School and High School. 

When is MYF?

Junior MYF meets on the first Sunday of the month with the other two groups. We meet from 4 - 6 pm, share a meal, learn a lesson, play a game, socialize as Christians. This time allows for the juniors to taste a bit of what is to come and allows our older groups a chance to be mentors.  The balance of the Sundays are as follows: 3 - 5 pm middle school and 4 - 6 pm high school. This schedule will change from time to time depending on activities going on that week.

For more information please email Stacy Goetz at

Disciple light

Wednesdays 6:30pm-7:30pm

Disciple Light is a Bible study for all ages, but especially geared towards kids in grades 5-12. We do not follow a textbook, video series, or any written curriculum. We randomly open our Bibles, decide from there which scripture interests us most, dig deeper into the Bible and find connected scriptures. We then discuss the many ways our readings have spoken to us and just exactly how we may apply that to our daily living. We have been known to go on some wild goose chases using this format, but all in all, the opportunity to share the word of God with one another is encouraging and fruitful. If you would like to join in on this study time, please bring your Bible and go on the adventure with us.