Meet Our Staff

Meet the dedicated staff of LaPorte United Methodist Church!

  • William Baker


    I love being a pastor as it invites me into the lives of so many great people. It allows me to work beside them in God’s work and see them grow as they respond to God’s leading  for their lives. One of the greatest joys is seeing how people that have been through extreme and challenging moments in their lives grow confident that God is with them. I love preaching sermons on Sunday mornings. However, I am also inspired to see how people apply the Bible to their lives, how they let it guide and direct them in all times and circumstances. As much as people say I help them, they also inspire and help me just the same. It is wonderful being part of God’s great family!

  • Beth Feliciano


  • Stacy Goetz

    Youth director

    There is nothing more refreshing than seeing the world through the eyes of our youth.  As the Youth Director here at LaPorte, I get to experience that very blessing on a weekly basis. The privilege of mentoring and growing in faith with our youth is one of the greatest gifts of all!

  • Donna Smith


  • Marilyn Irwin