Advent 2022

This Advent season, join us as we learn of how Jesus makes a place for all as prophet, priest, and king.

  • There are three main “offices” spoken of in the Old Testament—prophet, priest, and king.
  • Jesus as the Messiah fulfills all three of these offices. And! He fulfills them in perfection and at the same time! What is unique to Jesus the Messiah is that He is prophet the message, He is priest and the sacrifice, king and the law. All of these in perfection!
  • In the O.T. the three offices of prophet, priest, and king were distinct from each other. No king was a priest, not prophet was a king etc. There would have been no overlap. None of these could perform the role of the order and none of them performed their role perfectly.
  • However, Jesus Christ perfectly filled these three roles and did so at one time: He is the Prophet, Priest, and King. He was and is all of them to us.

Advent Events

  • December 11th at 12pm, Faith & Fellowship Meal
  • December 14th at 12pm, Fellowship Activity
  • December 18th at 11am, Children's Pageant during Sunday Worship Service
  • December 20th at 4pm, Pre-Christmas Eve Service
  • December 24th at 7pm, Christmas Eve Service
  • December 25th at 8:30am, Community Breakfast
  • December 25th at 11am, Christmas Morning Service

Our services will be livestreamed on our YouTube channel at 11am on Sundays for those who wish to watch from home.

Welcome to LaPorte United Methodist Church!

Welcome to LaPorte UMC!!! We hope and pray God will use our church to greatly bless you. May you find our congregation to be a community where you can experience God’s love and presence.

We invite you to explore the life-giving opportunities God is offering through our church. Our desire is that you would join us for worship and other nurturing opportunities that will help you grow closer to God and others. We also invite to learn about the ways you can partner with us as we seek to be witnesses of the transforming love and power of God in the world.

We hope your interaction with us will be enriching as you experience God’s presence in our midst. 

LaPorte UMC has job openings as a music specialist or youth director!


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