The LaPorte United Methodist Church was founded in 1825. Meeting first in various locations and served by Methodist circuit riders, the church within two decades would establish itself at its present location in 1842. The past seventy years have seen several changes to the original structure, including the addition of a fellowship hall, the building of a new sanctuary in 1961, and the construction of a new Sunday School wing and fellowship hall in 1990. Several reminders of our shared heritage remain within our memories, in photographs, and within the church itself, including a cross made from the timbers of the first church at this location. Today we continue this grand legacy by honoring our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, through worship, prayer, and outreach to our local and world community.

Special Services

  • Jubilee Service - On the fourth Sunday of every month, we plan to have a Jubilee Service which includes a group of church members leading us in songs of praise to God with their keyboard, drums, and guitar. We encourage you to come and bring a friend!
  • Music Service - This will be held on the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm. This new time of praising God through songs, prayers, attentive listening and collective reflection seeks to provide an opportunity for all people to continue growing in the faith as passionate, worshipful, loving servants and disciples of Jesus. It also creates a space for us to invite those who feel disconnected from God and the church to find redemption, hope, healing, and wholeness in the Lord.


2071 Grafton Road

Elyria, OH 44035

Your first visit

     When you visit us, you will find LaPorte UMC to be friendly and welcoming. There is ample parking with several handicap accessible spaces. The main entrance is easy to spot - it's the bright red doors next to the bell tower. You’ll be greeted with a smile and handshake when you come in the door. Notice the Welcome Wagon as you enter. The helpful person behind it will answer any questions you might have. If you are visiting for the first time, we will be thrilled to "Mug" and Hug you. If you arrive a little early, you can enjoy some refreshments and conversation in the fellowship hall. When worship time comes, a friendly usher will hand you a bulletin and offer to seat you. But of course, you are welcome to seat yourself if you wish. If you have young children with you, have them check out the “busy bags” hanging near the sanctuary entrances. A bright, well-staffed nursery is available.

     We endeavor to blend both contemporary and traditional forms of worship. Songs, images, Bible passages and sermon points are projected on a screen to get you out of a book and more into worship. We express our faith through worship in positive, non-threatening, uplifting ways. We are biblically based, spiritually attuned, and vibrant in worship. Our services are casual, yet designed to powerfully connect you with God and the community of faith. 

     The seats are padded. The room is air conditioned. You’ll feel comfortable and right at home. Seated around you will be loving, non-judgmental people who are very much like you: not at all perfect, but seeking to connect with God in life-changing ways. You will have no problem finding your place among us. 


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